Monday, January 13, 2014

What I Love About Sprouts Farmer's Market

**This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.**

Last week, a new grocery store opened up close to home. I'm sure that some of you have a Sprouts Farmer's Market near you, or at least a similar store.

Sprouts is a grocery store that carries natural, fresh, and organic products. They even have their own "store brand" of many products. But you can read more about the company here. This post isn't a review, just me sharing something that makes me happy.

I want to talk about why I love stores like Sprouts! I think they are one piece of the big puzzle to make communities healthier.

First of all, the prices. The prices are comparable to typical grocery stores, but the specials are awesome! Every week there are great products at great prices. Making healthy food affordable and accessible- always a good thing.

Next, the selection. I like choices, but not an overwhelming amount of choices. At Sprouts, there are recognizable brands to chose from, and there's the Sprouts brand. They have their own brand of many products. I might have gotten Sprout's gelato, but in my defense I got twice the gelato for the same price as the name brand AND since it's frozen it'll last me, like, a month. I enjoy gelato in moderation. And I love getting a great price. I had to bring it home. 

While I was shopping I called Jess- there were so many gluten free options and the best part was they were integrated in with like products, no more "gluten free aisle"!

There is also a great variety of bulk items- grains, beans, rice, lots of selection!

Last but not least, I love the prepared foods. They all have ingredient labels that are easy to read. Sprouts uses the same ingredients I would use if I made these dishes in my kitchen. And they don't up the price! There is a great selection of soups, salads, pasta, and entrees. Yum!

Everything I bought was delicious. I'm excited to have this new option when doing my meal planning and grocery shopping. The specials Sprouts runs make it worth adding them as a stop while grocery shopping. I won't be able to purchase everything I need there- some items are still cheaper at the "big box stores" (like AP flour and other basic pantry items); however, the produce section alone would be worth the stop. The meat department and prepared foods make it even better!

I really hope that stores like Sprouts, who are committed to making healthy food affordable, continue to expand their business! 


  1. We had a sprouts open by us last week too! I got 4 lbs of pistachios, 4 lbs of black beans, 1 lb of quick oats, pineapple, 10 peppers, cherry tomatoes, blackberries, 2 apples, 4 tomatoes, 1lb of green beans, 4lb of oranges, 7.5 lbs of chicken breast and a whole chicken for $61 dollars which saved me $29 from my regular store prices!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sprouts! Did they open a new one? I've been to the one in Bixby.


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